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No. We offer design services for all internal spaces, from small custom joinery pieces to complete interior remodels.

Yes. This is the one external space that we can assist you with.

Absolutely not. We provide recommendations for suppliers as a complimentary service and will give you an impartial overview of the pros and cons of working with each of them. We can often negotiate very competitive prices for our clients thanks to our ongoing relationships with our professional network. We always encourage you to do your own research however, and if you wish to source your own suppliers then that’s ok with us.

Trade discounts vary depending on the retailer but it’s usually between 10%-20%. Our clients often consider this option because it not only saves you time, but it also pays for itself very quickly.

We only recommend suppliers that we would trust to work in our own homes and that are aligned with our commitment to quality and customer service. Quality of Product/Service, Individual Character, Reviews/Customer Feedback, and Price are all assessed to ensure the supplier is a good fit prior to adding to our list of recommended suppliers.

When engaging a Kitchen Manufacturer, you may be limited by their range of products and services. Their goal will always be to try and offer a solution within their range of products that fits inside your budget. This can sometimes result in a lot of compromise and can potentially lead to a design that leaves you feeling a little underwhelmed. It’s also not uncommon for larger companies to offer discounts/promotions to entice you to make snap decisions on big financial commitments which can be a little uncomfortable.

At Revamper we are solely focussed on achieving the very best outcome for you. We can specify any products or materials available on the market which means we can create exactly the right solution for you in line with your budget and style preferences. Its simple for us, create the very best design and then find the perfect team to bring your design to life at the right price for you.

Builders are great at construction but generally don’t offer much in the way of design direction (unless they have a design team). You may be presented with a package price that has allocations included for your tiles and PC items. You will likely need to choose all these items yourself either from a catalogue that they provide, or some builders may allow you to select items from outside their catalogue of products, but you will need to pay the difference. Ultimately you will be doing all the design work and will need to provide the builder with guidance. They may or may not be able to show you 3D drawings of your space and the detail may be limited. Because of these things sometimes you can end up paying more that you expected for what you want.

At Revamper we lead the design process and will give you direction from day 1. We specify all items relating to your bathroom so that you have a comprehensive account of exactly what is going into your bathroom. All the details are covered which means when it comes to pricing, we can establish an accurate budget so there are no ugly surprises.

Revamper does not offer Project Management services. If this is a requirement, we will ensure that we connect you with the appropriate suppliers that do offer this service.

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