A Contemporary Twist – Manly Vale

Project Scope 

This project was actually the renovation of our own home. We purchased the unit back in December 2022. The unit was in ok shape and had previously undergone a renovation to open up the kitchen, dining and living room. This saved us a big expense and was a key consideration we reviewed before making an offer.

Unfortunately the updated configuration of the new open plan space wasn’t well planned and the use of the space, particularly the kitchen design was lacking significantly.

Our aim was to create a more functional kitchen design that flowed effortlessly into the dining room and living area. Given the limitations of the space we had to be creative with the design and our furniture selections to ensure it would fully meet our needs. The existing floor was a combination of laminate and carpet that was not in great shape. We planned to remove the old flooring, level the floors and install new engineered timber throughout with the exception of the bedrooms where we opted for new carpet.

Some of the key decisions we made:

  • Incorporated a peninsula with a breakfast bar into the kitchen design. We only needed seating for 2 people so designed the peninsula in such a way that it also had accessible storage from the back. A set of 4 drawers provides functional storage for place settings, general household paperwork and our espresso set up.
  • Designed the sink cabinet in such a way that we could fit the largest pull out bin solution possible. Planning the plumbing was critical during the design stage to ensure there was adequate space. The bin is also attached to the door so only requires a single action to access the bin rather than having to open a door and then pull out the bin. This solution also means that the bin can be easily accessed from both the left and right side equally.
  • Included pull out drawers in the pantry. These are so practical and really help overcome the issue of trying to reach the back of the cabinet to pull items out. Another key decision made here is that we decided to hinge the cabinet on the left hand side opposed to the original right hand side hinge. This was because the main kitchen is to the right of the pantry. With the door hinged on the left access to the pantry is not impeded. Had we maintained a hinge on the right we would have to walk around the door to access the pantry. I small detail but one that makes a huge difference.
  • Planned for a 1500 dining table that could extend. This ensured that we could cater for larger family get togethers when needed and accommodate up to 8 people.
  • Opted for a sofa with a chase. Importantly we ensured it would suit the space and would not encroach on access to the balcony.
  • Chose a nested coffee table for flexibility given the size of the space.
  • Zoned the living space by bringing in a rug that was ideally suited to the room and furniture selections.